Erase Debt

Erase Debt

Debt can be frustrating, overwhelming and leave many consumers considering bankruptcy. Contact Mark S. Zuckerberg for answers.

Increase Credit Score

Want a Credit Score of 720?

Start with bankruptcy. We figured out how you can use bankruptcy to "kickstart" your credit score to a much higher level.

Prevent Home Foreclosure

Home Foreclosures

In almost every case, you can prevent home foreclosure through bankruptcy. With a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosures stop instantly..

common bankruptcy myths

Bankruptcy Myths

Here are the Top 15 Myths your creditors want you to believe ...and the reason they are not true'.

credit report violations

Credit Report Violations

Credit report violations are illegal, happens consistently, and purposefully. We Sue Credit Report Bureaus on Your Behalf. 100% Free Legal Service.

Services We Offer

Free bankruptcy consultation

FREE Initial Consultation

Find out if bankruptcy is right for you with a FREE debt consultation.

stop harrassing phone calls

Stop Harrassing Phone Calls

Filing bankruptcy can stop harrassing debt collection calls the next day.

bankruptcy helps stop foreclosure

Help Stop Foreclosures

We stop home foreclosures all the time. Contact us today to find out how.

bankruptcy stops payday loans

Help Stop Payday Loans

Payday loans are a thing of the past through bankruptcy.

bankruptcy can stop repos

Help Stop Repos

We can stop repossessions, and protect your car and possessions.

mortgage modifications

Stop Tax Garnishments

Filing bankruptcy stops tax garnishments... Cold.

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