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Call our Bloomington Bankruptcy Lawyer at the Bankruptcy Law Offices of Mark S. Zuckerberg, P.C.
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Bloomington Bankruptcy Attorney Bill Collectors

After you retain our office…You simply refer all Bill Collector calls over to us! You then hang up and we handle the rest! Bill Collectors hate this. You know why? It’s simple. Now the Bill Collectors have to talk to your Attorneys….and they hate it because they know they aren’t allowed to bother you any longer! They know they can’t get their way using illegal threats, or scare tactics. Once you retain our office, the Bill Collectors are no longer in control. YOU ARE!

Bloomington Bankruptcy Lawyer Payday Loans

Filing Bankruptcy can get rid of pay day loans
….Fast & Completely.

Before you make another payment,
…before your payday loans throw you into an even deeper hole,
…before you let another second go by,
…call our office to set up a totally FREE debt consultation.

You’ll be glad you did. Other debt consolidation programs promise….but bankruptcy delivers. Think about it.

Almost All Lawsuits

If you have too many bills to pay
…..and you get sued

Do this….

  1. Keep in mind that there may be something you can do.
  2. Don’t ignore the letters and court papers served upon you.
  3. Immediately call and make an appointment for a FREE initial debt consultation.

You can find out for free your options,
….all your options, not just including bankruptcy.

You can find out for free how the law works.
….things might not be as bad as you think.

You can find out for free your rights.
….you may have valuable legal rights you don’t even know about.

You can find out answers for free.
….there is always comfort in knowing all the answers. All your legal rights.

Bloomington Debt Attorney Repos

You do have a choice. One way, or another, in most all cases, we can stop the Bill Collectors calls and we can STOP the Repo-Man from taking your car…and this all happens immediately, as soon as your Bankruptcy case is filed. A Word Of Caution: Until you file….there is no protection. So…if you fall behind on your vehicle….act now to find out your options…and before the repo man cometh.

Bloomington Debt Attorney Foreclosures
We stop foreclosures all the time. Let me repeat that. We stop foreclosures all the time.

As you know, foreclosure is the legal action lenders use when you get too far behind on your mortgage.

If your house is in foreclosure or about to be…. make an appointment to see us immediately, today. The earlier you are in the process of foreclosure or threatened foreclosure: (1) the more options you have, (2) the quicker you will find out what your options are, (3) the less the foreclosure expenses the mortgage lender will have incurred and…in turn… the less you will have to pay back, (4) the more time there is to figure out if filing bankruptcy is right for you.

Bloomington Debt Relief Lawyer Tax Garnishments
Many times, the biggest pressure can be a garnishment the IRS or State Revenue Office has in place. A garnishment can suck your wages that is desperately needed to care for you and your family. Filing bankruptcy stops tax garnishments….Cold. As soon as the taxing authority finds out about your bankruptcy, it is supposed to act immediately to stop the garnishment. How powerful is that? It does NOT matter what kind of tax you owe. The garnishment must stop. You may still owe for the tax, but with the garnishment stopped and the other powers bestowed upon you by filing bankruptcy, you are in a better position to deal with that tax on terms you can afford, with you in control…instead of them. And…if the tax is of a kind that you can get rid of in bankruptcy…that is the end of the garnishment…forever.

Bloomington Bankruptcy Attorney Bad Credit

Chances are your credit is hurt pretty bad to begin with. And, if you do nothing, your credit history will continue to get worse, not better. When you use Federal Laws, it stops the aging process. By that we mean that those bills that are 5 months old, or 3 months old, or more, will never age after the paperwork has been filed with the courts. How does this affect you? Stopping the aging process means that your credit report will not show a longer history of delinquency. So! In that sense, you can put a stop to the aging of bills and take steps to re-establish your credit. That’s good!

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Call our Bloomington Bankruptcy Lawyer at the Bankruptcy Law Offices of Mark S. Zuckerberg, P.C.
Call 812-330-9999 today for a FREE Debt Consultation.

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