Working as an Indiana bankruptcy attorney, I am certainly not alone! One peek at the phone book under the letter “b” will reveal that there are many, many attorneys in Indiana who are offering to handle bankruptcy cases.

One way for a client to sift through all the names in order to find the right attorney is to look for certification. Say you were looking for a tax advisor; you might prefer a CPA. Looking for a financial planner? Only a very few of those calling themselves financial planners are CFP certificants. And only a few among the many insurance agents have the designation CLU or ChFC after their names. It’s the very same thing with attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy.

In Indiana, only bankruptcy attorneys who have passed the test from the American Board of Certification can call themselves bankruptcy specialists. At last count, among the hundreds of attorneys practicing in Indiana, only fourteen lawyers besides myself are certified as Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists.

I’m really proud of my certification. To me it means a whole lot more than a framed paper on the wall. Certified attorneys are equipped to – and expected by the courts to – provide a higher standard of care for clients.