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Bankruptcy Stats State To State

Whenever in the course of my work day I’m not meeting with Indiana bankruptcy clients, representing them in court, or lecturing to attorney or civic groups about bankruptcy, you’ll probably find me reading.  In order to offer the most up-to-date Read More

Fairness In Bankruptcy

The New Yorker magazine carried an article called "Mind Games: What Neuroeconomics Tells Us About Money And The Brain". Author John Cassidy discusses behavioral finance experiments that were done to help the financial industry better understand how investors behave. One scenario presented Read More

Reverse Mortgages And Bankruptcy

One topic that frequently comes up in my conversations with Indiana bankruptcy clients is mortgages, and how foreclosures on mortgages relate to bankruptcy. In recent years, with a greater number of seniors visiting my four bankruptcy law offices around the Read More

Bankruptcy Reform 2005 – AARP Wants Repeal

Neighbors shared with me an article called “The Fear Economy” out of the January/February issue of AARP Magazine. There’s a paragraph in the article on which they thought I’d want to comment: “Also high on consumer advocates’ agenda is repeal of the Read More

Financial Planners Weigh In On Debt Relief

Ever since launching this Bankruptcy in Indiana blog series, I’ve kept coming back to the topic of debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit counseling, and debt repair, all forms of help being offered to debtors as alternatives to filing bankruptcy.  Under Read More

A Sermon On Bankruptcy

In recent months, three different men had something important to say about hope.  Each of these gentlemen is known for occupying a position of eminence in his field.  I’ve not had the privilege of meeting any of the three in Read More

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