I see tracking business and job statistics in the state of Indiana as an important part of my work as an Indiana bankruptcy lawyer. I need to know what the opportunities – and the challenges – are going to be for my Indiana bankruptcy clients to find, or to keep, well-paying jobs. For my Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy clients, I know they’ll need income to get back on their feet. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers will need to make regular debt repayments over a three to five year period. Everything depends on jobs, and employment news is mixed, to say the least. Last month (see Yet More Good News/ Bad News For Indiana Bankruptcy Clients) I reported about CNBC’s study that rated Indiana as “Most Improved State In Business”.

Since one of my four bankruptcy law offices is in Bloomington, Indiana, I was very happy to read about job expansion at Bloomington-based Cook Group. Cook makes medical devices used by doctors and hospitals around the world, and is one of the largest employers in the southern half of our state. With 3000 workers, Cook is adding hundreds of jobs and expects to hit a sales record this year. According to the Indianapolis Star, on any given day, Cook has at least fifty jobs waiting to be filled (these are usually for production employees who make, assemble, and inspect medical devices such as stents).

Meanwhile, I learned two positive pieces of news for Indianapolis, where my main bankruptcy law office is located. Shamrock Bulders started construction on two office projects, one on the southeast side of the city set to open in the spring, the second on the northeast side set to open next month to house New Life Generations. Then, at the Ameriplex Business Park near the airport, Holladay Properties is building a 66,000 square foot office location for Graybar Electric. All three of these locations mean jobs, and jobs represent music to the ears of this long-time Indiana bankruptcy attorney.