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Your credit score and credit history are everything!!!

We love to review our clients’ credit reports and scores for FREE!!!

Most bankruptcy firms consider their representation complete once a debtor receives their discharge. However, in our 33 years of experience, we have seen the discharge can be just the beginning of credit problems.

Many creditors and collection companies purposely leave derogatory and inaccurate information on a person’s credit report. They do this in hopes the individual will pay the debt at a later date.

Although this is illegal, it happens consistently, purposefully, and every day!!

There is help! The United States Government created a federal law to help. It is called The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

This law requires a creditor and the credit reporting companies to fix any inaccurate information within 30 days of being notified of the problem. Many common inaccuracies include:

  • Reporting an account as active when it was closed
  • Re-aging or re-reporting debts once they have reached their maturity (which for most debts is seven years)
  • Failing to report a debt as disputed once the culprits have been notified of the problem
  • Listing a debt as “owed by you” when you never had dealings with the creditor
  • Reporting information as past due when you have always been current
  • And my personal favorite, failing to show a debt as discharged in bankruptcy when it was clearly included in the bankruptcy.

Why should you care if your information is correct?

Only by correcting bad information will your credit score and chances to obtain credit improve.

Did you know your credit report and score affect your chances with the following:

  • Obtaining an apartment
  • Procuring employment (your prospective employer might require running a credit report before offering you a job).
  • What type of insurance you qualify for and the price you will pay for the insurance.
  • Whether you qualify for a car or house loan and the interest, you will pay

This is one of the many reasons our firm is different than our competitors. We care about our clients long after the discharge has been granted. We love to help our clients obtain the best possible fresh start by reviewing our clients’ credit reports after discharge. If there is a problem, we will fix it for FREE!