An extensive survey by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project revealed some sad aspects of the world of bankruptcy. The study found that people often “go it alone”, seldom turning to friends or family for support. A terrible sense of isolation is too often a byproduct of what is meant to be a new chance at life.

The worst part of all of this is the negative effects that stress can have on a person’s health. And, doctors have found, this means not only mental health, but physical health suffers severely under stress as well. People need to have a sense of support from others in order to take the strong steps towards rebuilding their financial lives.

During the almost quarter century I’ve been practicing bankruptcy law in Indiana, I’ve declared that I and everyone who works in my office will first and foremost be good listeners and “be there” for people, really hearing their concerns. Expert legal advice is needed in bankruptcy, yes, but support may be every bit as important. I’ve been writing in this blog about all the people who have filed bankruptcy and then gone on with their lives, so you know you’re most definitely not alone. And, if I and my colleagues have anything to say about it, you shouldn’t need to feel as if you are.