Ever on the alert for news about the Indiana economy and about our job markets, I follow the Inside Indiana Business news on TV and online. Just the other day in my Indiana bankruptcy blog, I had mentioned our state’s winning accolades from CNBC as “most improved state for business” in the entire United States. Now, I learned from Inside Indiana, for the second consecutive year, Indiana leads the nation in attracting new jobs through international investment, meaning in-sourcing. The report about our success was released during the annual meeting of the International Economic Development Council in Atlanta.

My intense interest in local job statistics stems from my work as a consumer bankruptcy specialist in Indiana. I know that the long-term success of most bankruptcy story “sequels” depends upon well-paid jobs. Whether it’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients working to regain their financial “feet” after bankruptcy, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers who’ve taken on a three-to-five year debt repayment plan, having a reliable income source will be a key factor in the rebuilding process.

In The Sunny Side of The Indiana Job Market Street, I related some good news and some bad news about employment markets. In my more recent reading, I learned that two new hotels have just opened in Park 100 on the northwest side of Indianapolis. This is an extremely promising development, in that Park 100 is central Indiana‘s largest industrial and office park, with access to the airport, the Indianapolis 500 Racetrack, and the downtown Indianapolis area. One of the hotels, a Hampton Inn, includes a very large and elaborate business center. This hotel is owned by locally-based Schahet Hotels. The second hotel is a Holiday Inn Express, owned by the British company InterContinental Hotels Group, one of the world’s largest. Many new positions at all salary levels have already been created through the opening of these hotels; there should be new ones opening up soon. And, as you know, having more job opportunities is a thing that gladdens the heart of this Indiana bankruptcy attorney!