It’s true: the most important chapter of any bankruptcy story is the sequel! As an Indiana bankruptcy lawyer who’s helped “write” tens of thousands of such sequels over a period of almost twenty-five years, I can tell you about them. The real bankruptcy story is in the financial rebuilding phase. That phase comes after the legal proceedings that take place in the Indiana bankruptcy court system.

By the time my bankruptcy clients begin their work with me, many have gone through “chapters” of their lives involving medical catastrophes, messy divorces, unsuccessful consumer credit counseling efforts, payday loans, job losses – you name it. I end up helping write the last chapter of the book by taking them through the bankruptcy filing process and then helping them rebuild their lives.

I will tell you that helping clients through this last chapter calls on every bit of my extensive professional training and education, plus every single lesson drawn from a quarter century of bankruptcy law practice. As challenging as the final stage of the work is, I know it’s the most important. The Indiana bankruptcy safety net will have gone into effect, offering the clients a fresh start. That’s all well and good. But the key to that new start is often – JOBS! That’s the reason I stay on top of all job-related news – news about layoffs, closings, downsizings, relocations, good new businesses coming into our state, expansions – all of it.

One recent very good news item is that a California company called Alorica is hiring five hundred workers for its new call center in Terre Haute, Indiana. These employees will be agents, trainers, and support technicians. With Terre Haute set to lose jobs in 2009 due to Pfizer closing a plant, I was just plain delighted to hear that the Alorica call center is calling! This will be one more positive factor that many post-bankruptcy clients will be able to write into the sequel to their bankruptcy book.