In my bankruptcy blogs, I like to keep readers up to date on business news, particularly as it relates to the job situation in our state. As a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana for close to 25 years, I know “the morning after” is the most important stage in the bankruptcy process. And, in order for clients to get back on track in their financial lives following bankruptcy, they must be able to keep or find jobs with good pay.

In earlier blogs, I wrote about the Medco plan to build a gigantic distribution center in Whitestown that will dispense up to one million prescriptions a week, creating 1300 new jobs. 1400 more jobs will be coming to Tipton County next year, because Getrag Corporation is constructing a big transmission plant there. (Since I have law offices servicing 38 different counties in Indiana, all these news items are important to me on behalf of my clients in these different places.) Now, I’ve learned, in Cambridge City, Really Cool Foods will be hiring 1000 workers for its new distribution facility. RCF is a New-York based distributor of natural and organic prepared foods (which you may have seen at Kroger, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s).

Indiana has certainly had its share of economic woes, but economic development seems to be making wonderful progress in the central part of our state. As an attorney for both individuals and small businesses, I know what a boon this kind of development can be for my bankruptcy clients who are rebuilding their lives. When I hear really cool news like this – well, as Martha might say, “It’s a good thing!”