In earlier bankruptcy blogs, I wrote about the changing jobs market around the state of Indiana. I explained why my Indiana bankruptcy clients, as they begin the process of rebuilding their financial lives, will need to be flexible and to get training for the new types of jobs that the state will have to offer. As an attorney in Indianapolis (with offices in Anderson, Columbus, and Bloomington as well), I’ve watched our capitol city turn into a center for new technology. The other day, in a magazine published by Indy Partnership, I read some impressive statistics about Indianapolis business. The city and its suburbs serve as home to almost 2,000 information technology companies. In fact, one of the fastest super-computers in the world is co-managed by Purdue and Indiana University. Word is spreading that Indianapolis, which used to be known for manufacturing, is becoming a heartland for modern technology. (While I love communicating through my blogs, some might call me technologically challenged; still, I know an important trend when I see one.)

As an avid reader of all business-related news, I was also very, very encouraged to read about a company called ANGEL Learning, a developer and marketer of online learning systems. This company has been so successful in Indianapolis, according to the Indy Partnership article, it plans to double its workforce in the next two years. News like that about job opportunities is music to my ears. Online learning can provide a way for my Indiana bankruptcy clients to train themselves for the new job opportunities that will be available for them as they re-enter the work force or make needed career changes.

And, while there’s no plan for any career changes in my life, it looks as if I’m going to need to brush up on my technology skills if I’m to “get with the program” and participate in all the excitement to come.