A debt that has been discharged the bankruptcy court is no longer subject to collection action. After all, that’s the whole idea of bankruptcy! In today’s world, however, where third-party companies buy up debts from creditors at a discount, and then try to turfn a profit collecting those debts, it happens all too frequently that people are hounded for money they no longer owe.

You need to know several things about this type of collection effort. First, in most cases, a creditor (or a third-party) who attempts to collect on a debt that was discharged in a bankruptcy is actually in contempt of court. Don’t be intimidated by threats into trying to pay debts that have been discharged.

So, what can you do about it if you’re contacted about an old debt after it’s been discharged in bankruptcy? If it’s the original creditor calling, tell them you’re going to complain to the bankruptcy court. If it’s a third-party company (one to which you’ve never owed money), you can complain to the Federal Trade Commission. In either case, inform the caller in no uncertain terms that the debt has been discharged, and that it really IS over when it’s over!

I have been suing creditors for these post-discharge collection violations, and have obtained over $100,000 just in the past ten months! Don’t let your discharge be violated! Your bankruptcy attorney can make sure you get the fresh start your deserve.