More than 130 million households are getting a letter this week, and, if the government knows how to find you, you might be among the recipients.

As a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana these many years, I know my clients usually cringe when an envelope arrives bearing an Internal Revenue Service seal, so I’m tickled that these letters might actually elicit smiles. The IRS letter reminds you to file your 2007 tax return, so you can get your… no, not your refund, although you might be getting one of those, too, but your stimulus payment! Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says most Americans won’t need to do anything more in order to receive their check. Meanwhile, though, the IRS is working with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and even AARP to reach those who don’t need to file tax returns but who might qualify to receive checks.

The stimulus package was passed last month in an attempt to give our economy a boost. Individuals (depending on income levels) will receive up to $600, with $1200 for married couples filing jointly, and $300 extra for each child under age 17.

As I’ve said in earlier blogs, $600 probably will not mean the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy for anyone. But, hey, it doesn’t make sense to look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. So, don’t throw away any envelope with “Economic Stimulus Payment Notice” written on it, because your check really might be in the mail!