Always on the alert for good news about jobs in Indiana, I was happy to read about three developments in Indianapolis and neighboring Plainfield. After almost twenty-five years of helping clients through the process of filing bankruptcy and then through the process of rebuilding their financial lives, I appreciate the high importance of job opportunities for these clients.

Wireless distributor Brightpoint Inc., I learned, is moving its headquarters from Plainfield to northwest Indianapolis. The company will be occupying twice the space it now has in its new headquarters in Indy, while keeping its distribution and logistics facilities back in Plainfield. More than 100 new workers will be hired. The great irony here is that Brightpoint was occupies space in Premier Properties, whose owner has filed bankruptcy (I wrote about this in Bankruptcy Auctions Scheduled For ATA And Premier Properties).

Just as Brightpoint is moving east, construction is beginning on a gigantic bulk warehouse facility in Plainfield in the AllPoints Midwest Park. This is especially welcome news, given that the credit crunch nationally has made it difficult for many commercial developers to finance projects. Even though there are no official tenants as yet, Duke and Browning already have financing in place for the twelve million square foot facility.

Also in Plainfield, is in the process of leasing extensive warehousing space and is expected to employer 1200 workers during the coming two years.

I’ll tell you, news like this brings a smile to the face of this Indiana bankruptcy attorney!