Just one more myth surrounding bankruptcy is that, even if you go ahead and file, your creditors will keep bothering you and your family. This is most definitely the opposite of the truth. In fact, the moment you file bankruptcy in Indiana, an order goes out from the Bankruptcy Court to all your creditors, telling them to leave you alone! In almost all cases, they can’t call. They can’t send letters. They can’t file lawsuits. They can’t foreclose. They can’t repossess. You become “off limits” for all your creditors. The legal term for this blessed relief is “automatic stay”, and it means “Stay away!” They don’t even get to talk to you.

The whole concept behind bankruptcy law is to buy you breathing room to restart your financial life. Nobody is to mess with you while you’re working hard to do just that. Anyone who violates the stay order can actually be sued for contempt of court.

In short, they (the creditors) have to STOP. You, on the other hand, get to make a new START.