Accident Victim

After an uninsured motorist ploughed into Frank’s car, he was unable to work. Just after Frank had successfully struggled through a difficult recovery and rehabilitation, his wife Sonya suffered medical complications during the birth of their son. The medical bills were piling up fast. Frank and Sonya realizing they were about to lose everything they’d worked for – Frank’s truck, the cars, the house, and all their savings – they turned to my Indiana bankruptcy law office for help.

By filing bankruptcy, Frank and Sonya were able to get rid of $58,190 in debt (neither this sum nor the interest on it, will ever have to be repaid). They lowered their monthly payments by $1,593 a month. The couple is still in their home and they were able to purchase less expensive cars. Most important, Frank and Sonya can now afford the medical care their son needs.

Laid Off After 23 Years On The Job

After twenty-three years of never missing a day on the job, Jeff was laid off. He and Jane had saved for years to buy their dream RV, planning to travel to visit family and friends during Jeff’s two-week vacation time. The couple quickly fell behind on their payments, and they watched their beautiful mobile home being carted away. For this couple who had prided themselves on paying bills on time, the next awful surprise that awaited them was being served papers by the sheriff’s department.

It was a very sad couple that showed up in my Indiana bankruptcy law office, I can tell you. Here’s how filing bankruptcy helped: Jeff and Jane’s monthly payments went down by $1,945 a month. They got rid of $74,944 in debt, plus all the interest on that debt. While they had lost the RV, they were able to keep all the property they still owned. Most important, according to Jane, “If you can’t pay bills or buy food and the creditors are harassing you even on Sundays, you need to do something to start over.”