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The Checks Are In The Mail

Not two weeks have passed since Congressional leaders came to an agreement with the White House on a two-part stimulus package designed first to put money into the hands of consumers that they, in turn, will spend, thus boosting our Read More

Is The Rate Cut A Rose Or A Thorn?

Negative economic news seems to arrive every day lately, doesn’t it? Housing is weak, construction jobs are falling, and gasoline prices don’t offer any comfort. The Bloomberg News ran a gloomy-sounding headline: “Markets Force Fed To Make A Big, Risky Read More

Creditors in Contempt of Bankruptcy Court

In “Is It Really Over When It’s Over?”, I wrote about the fact that creditors must cease collection attempts once bankruptcy is filed. All too often, however, creditors don’t follow the rules! Creditors who pursue borrowers for additional money after Read More

It’s Not Good When Gold Glitters

Most people, if they think about gold at all, think of Olympic skating medals or about jewelry for special birthday or anniversary gifts. But the price per ounce of gold is a very important and closely watched number in economic Read More

Born-Again Businesses After Bankruptcy

It’s interesting, the parallels you can find between different areas of life. Forbes Magazine, in its first issue of the year, ran a feature article about a stock “guru” named George Putnam, who recommends buying stocks of companies that have Read More

Where There’s A Foreclosure, Is There Fire?

As foreclosures become more and more frequent around the country, everyone worries about home values dropping. Meanwhile, insurance executives, I’ve been reading, are worried about matches dropping – on gasoline-soaked rags inside closets! That’s because the insurance industry fears more Read More

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