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More About The White House Plan

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about one aspect of the White House subprime rescue plan, which has to do with “freezing” the interest rates on certain adjustable rate mortgage at their current levels, allowing the homeowners more breathing Read More

More About When It’s Really Over

Last time I wrote about how a debt that has been discharged by the bankruptcy court is no longer subject to collection, and how, if a third party (not the original creditor) tries to collect on that discharged debt, a Read More

Is It Really Over When It’s Over?

A debt that has been discharged the bankruptcy court is no longer subject to collection action. After all, that’s the whole idea of bankruptcy! In today’s world, however, where third-party companies buy up debts from creditors at a discount, and Read More

Foreclosure Statistics November Update

The December numbers have yet to be completed, but the November statistics are in. November 2007’s foreclosure filings were up 68% over November of 2006, with just shy of 202,000 filings for the month. This amounts to one foreclosure filing Read More

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Time Line

What happens when someone files bankruptcy in Indiana? In former blogs, I’ve emphasized how important it is for me, as an Indiana bankruptcy attorney, to design a strategy that fits each individual situation. However, there is a typical time line Read More

Filing Bankruptcy Sooner – Or Later?

There are different reasons people file for relief under Indiana bankruptcy law, and often timing is one of the considerations. With the holiday season in full swing, many folks don’t want to spoil their family’s enjoyment. They put off filing Read More

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