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Don’t Do Debt Alone

An extensive survey by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project revealed some sad aspects of the world of bankruptcy. The study found that people often “go it alone”, seldom turning to friends or family for support. A terrible sense of isolation is Read More

Freedom Day

Everyone knows April 15th as the day federal income tax returns are due. But, later that month, on April 30th, we celebrate a somewhat lesser-known occasion – Tax Freedom Day. That day marks the point at which the average American Read More

A Car Story About Credit Reports

As a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana, I’m always reading up on all matters having to do with debt. Well, the other day, in a Commercial Law League article, a local attorney was writing about a case that I found fascinating. Read More

Money Double-Exempt in 401K

Money in 40lK retirement plans is exempt in two ways. First, the account is tax exempt while it accumulates for retirement. Then, under federal bankruptcy law, 401K is exempt from creditors. In fact, Indiana bankruptcy law protects all kinds of Read More

The Hair Of The Dog That Bit You

Let’s talk about credit cards after bankruptcy. One misunderstanding people have is that it will be impossible for them to get a credit card after filing bankruptcy. Not only isn’t that the case, but, probably within weeks after a filing, Read More

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