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What Does The Bankruptcy Means Test Mean?

Of the two kinds of bankruptcy commonly filed by individuals, Chapter 13 is the one that doesn’t repossess assets of the person, but instead allows the debtor to make payments over several years. Before the bankruptcy court gives its approval Read More

Together For Debtor or Worse

In my work as an Indiana bankruptcy attorney, I often find that, while one person may be coming to me for help, there are other people to consider. I don’t mean just considering the feelings of family members or Significant Read More

Bankruptcy Comes in Cans

I always get a lot of "I heard that…" statements whenever people find out that I’m a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana. Many people, never having given much thought to the subject until their debt problems overwhelmed them, are misinformed. They Read More

Bankruptcy Makes the Headlines

I’ve been working as a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana for more years than I care to count. Try as I might, I can’t remember any time in the past when there were more stories in the paper and on TV Read More

The Wear, Drive, and Sit Rule…

Bankruptcy is a federal court process. As a bankruptcy attorney in Indiana, I explain to people that the whole idea behind the process is to help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts or gain time to repay them. As part Read More

Oh Yes, You Can Stop Being Harassed!

Just one more myth surrounding bankruptcy is that, even if you go ahead and file, your creditors will keep bothering you and your family. This is most definitely the opposite of the truth. In fact, the moment you file bankruptcy Read More

Don’t Let Tax Be The Double Whammy!

One of the really, really important things people don’t know about filing bankruptcy is how bankruptcy relates to federal income tax. In earlier blogs, I spent some time discussing debt settlement agencies and credit counseling bureaus, and why I don’t Read More

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