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Mortgage Modification Update #1

For almost a year now, I’ve been closely following all the proposals for helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. It looks as if help is about to arrive. A proposed bankruptcy law, H.R 1106, also called the Helping Families Save Their Homes Read More

Begin Bankruptcy With The End In Mind

In many of my earlier blogs, I spoke about not allowing embarrassment or scruples to stop you from using bankruptcy to restore yourself to financial health. Believe me, I can appreciate how difficult a decision it is to face up Read More

Deadline Spending In Bankruptcy

When you file bankruptcy, you’re asking the court to discharge debt, or to arrange a manageable payment plan for you stretched over a period of time. Some of your creditors, on the other hand, would like to prove you’ve committed Read More

The Fate Of Bankruptcy Myths Is In The Stars

Bill Stanley, officer in the Scientech Club, passed along an interesting email he’d sent out to club members, testing their general knowledge of astronomy. The message asked readers to pinpoint what the following statements have in common: 1. The North Read More

Getting Hired After Bankruptcy

With job loss being one of the three top causes of bankruptcy, I’m getting a lot of questions from my Indiana bankruptcy clients about getting hired for a new job with a bankruptcy on their record. I’ve been practicing bankruptcy Read More

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